Warlords of Draenor's upcoming patch will have more interface improvements than usual. Just to name a few: A tab for account-bound "Heirloom" items, a selfie camera toy and Twitter integration. But there are still so many cool ideas and add-ons out there that are not yet part of the game. Bellular collected 10 of them.

Here's a breakdown of all the things mentioned in the video above. Some of them are floating around on forums for a while now as general ideas, some of them exist already as add-ons, but all would be great updates to WoW's user interface.

  1. Improved "Tab targeting" with the ability to customize monster targeting.
  2. An enhanced guild tab so you don't have to check your guild's website at all.
  3. A tab for Tabards, similar to the Toy Box.
  4. Revamped transmogrification.
  5. Bank tabs, similar to Guild Wars 2.
  6. An achievement search function.
  7. An improved world map showing all locations and dungeons.
  8. A completed dungeon journal.
  9. Improved and faster Garrison animations.
  10. The ability to open all of our mail simultaneously.

Can't agree more with number 9.

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