Telling Others Where They Can Put Their Doodle

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Put away your pens and paper, because the makers of the iPhone's most popular games don't want anyone else doodling.

Doodle Jump from Lima Sky is a regular in the top ten on the Apple App charts, but it's not the first iOS game to have "doodle" in it. However, other developers are claiming that Lima Sky is trying to muscle them out from using the word "doodle" in their game titles.

The developer behind Doodle Monster, no relation to Doodle Jump, was notified by Apple, it seems, because Lima Sky was apparently saying the title was copyright infringement. Doodle Monster's developer changed the game's name and decided to move on.


"We can't really debate it," Doodle Monster's developer said. "In the Apple world they can pull your app from just mere implication. There is no proving right or wrong."

Lima Sky doesn't apparently doesn't have the trademark for the word "Doodle", but does for "Doodle Jump". And there are currently over 700 Apps with the word "doodle" in them.

"We are not claiming ownership of the trademark for 'doodle'," Lima Sky told website PocketGamer. Instead, the developer said it is policing its trademarks.

It seems to be the combination of "Doodle" plus another word that is causing the fuss.


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I'm not a fan of trademark trolling, but to be honest, this kinda makes sense. I've seen tons of games titled "Doodle _____" that try to emulate the look of Doodle Jump, despite being a different game. This can easily fool dumb consumers (or just "consumers") into thinking that the game is somehow related to the original Doodle Jump. I see a new email almost every week for a new "Doodle" game, and they almost always seem like an attempt to feed off the popularity of Doodle Jump.

A good example is that "Burn the Rope" game. It's far inferior to "Cut the Rope" (and all other top 10 list games for that matter), but somehow jumped right to the top of the list, even with mediocre reviews and only a 3 star rating. I'm not saying Burn the Rope was a quick cash-in, but there's no doubt it gained much of it's popularity through it's name.

Does Lima Sky has the right to force others to change their game names? Probably not. Are there people who are using names similar to top 10 apps to get more buys? Absolutely.