Maybe it's through natural talent, maybe through hours of obsessively replaying something. Maybe it's speedrunning Metroid games, maybe hustling people in Street Fighter. Whatever it may be, what game are you best at, and how did you get that way?

Personally, I tend to find myself playing games as far as my natural skill will take me, and then soon after, moving on to the next game. It's a habit that's been exaggerated by the piles of games I go through now that I'm at Kotaku. Which makes me all the more fascinated by people who specialize in one game to the point that they can just destroy it.


Mirror's Edge, however, was one of those games I couldn't get enough of. To this day, I've probably never re-played an entire game so many times. Each time upping the difficulty, and adding new restrictions, until I could play through on the hardest difficulty without so much as throwing an unnecessary punch.

So what game are you great at? How did you get that way? Here's the format:

[Game Name]

Why it qualifies: Do you have the highest score of your friends? Some rare achievement? Or can you just play forever on one credit?

How you got started: What sucked you into this game? Were you already good at it and wanted to get better? Did you have nothing else to play for a while? Were you trying to top your friends list?

Tips for the rest of us: If you've got any tips, how can the rest of us get better at your favorite game?

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