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Tell Us About Your Video Game Pets

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We often get attached to animals in video games. Yesterday I wrote about my sweetest, most darling friend: Raincloud, my horse in Breath of the Wild. She’s precious, I love her, and if anything bad ever happens to her I will murder everyone in Hyrule.


You all seem just as obsessed with your horses as I am. In fact, many of you couldn’t wait to tell me about them.



While I love hearing about all these pretty ponies, plenty of other video games have fuzzy friends to love, too. What are the other video game animals you’ve gotten irrationally attached to? Sound off in the comments.

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Gotta say I’ve still got a soft spot for Agro*, the horse in Shadow of the Colossus. Seeing her limp her way up the tower during the credits was one of the most emotional experiences of any game I’ve ever played.

*Note: I called the horse “Egg Roll” because that’s what it sounded like every time I called for her.