Tell Me You Don't Want To Go To Hawaii After Seeing These Pictures

One of my favorite things ever on earth is crisp, clear blue water. Throw a dash of sunlight on that, and bam. Perfection.

This shot of a curling wave in Hawaii looks pretty fantastic. It also looks pretty. If you look at it as a small thumbnail, it kind of looks like a Monet painting, what with all the lush colors.


My oldest brother taught me how to surf while in Costa Rica. I couldn't handle waves like these on a surfboard, though. I mean, once you get your neck caught in a bad angle even just once, there's no wearing down that paranoia every time you revisit another taunting wave.

BuzzFeed has a whole set of shots they've collected, but I've dropped a few more selects down below to light your eyes ablaze with jealousy. Or maybe that's just what it's doing to me. Brb, I need a vacation to Hawaii now.

Enjoy your off topic thread. Kirk is out doing things. He returns tomorrow. Until then, you will look at the random things I pick out for you. Yay!


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