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Tell Kotaku Game Club About Your Mass Effect 3 Saga!

Illustration for article titled Tell emKotaku Game Club/em About Your emMass Effect 3/em Saga!

Welcome to the first Kotaku Game Club discussion of Mass Effect 3. Since I hadn't determined a stopping point ahead of time, we're going to say that today's discussion will cover everything through the mission on Menae. I imagine that some of you are already past that point, but I don't want too many people to get shut out on account of spoilers.

Speaking of which, there will be lots of spoilers during today's discussion, so if you haven't completed the mission on Menae yet, I'd suggest doing so before jumping in. Nobody's going to feel good ruining the game's surprises.


If you're a first-time Game Clubber, you might want to check out our original mission statement. If you're not in the mood, here's the quick version: The Kotaku Game Club exists because no one wants to experience a game alone. Even if we're playing individually, sharing our thoughts and hearing other peoples' perspectives always enhances the experience. The Game Club plays a different game every month as a group so we can meet to discuss its narrative and mechanical themes, and our reactions to them.

We meet on Kotaku every Thursday at 4pm Eastern, and our discussions take place in the comments section of designated Game Club posts like this one. As usual, we'll kick-start the discussion with a question for you guys to think about in case you don't already have an issue you'd like to discuss.


Since the opening of Mass Effect 3 is the culmination of two games worth of decisions, it's entirely possible that first few hours of each of our games were very different. With that in mind, I thought each of you might want to talk about your own Shepard story.

Part of the appeal of communing to talk about Mass Effect is to hear about all the little tweaks and changes that happen from person to person. Think of this as an opportunity to take a trip down somebody else's rabbit hole.

Next week we'll be discussing the next few chapters of the Mass Effect 3 campaign. Let's meet here on Kotaku next Thursday, March 15th, at 4pm Eastern.

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Has anyone finished it yet? Is it not just a great action game, but is the backstory and character development true to the hype? I adored Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect 2, but thought Dragon Age 2 was kind of short and not very deep. Did they keep ME3 as long and deep as ME2?