Tekken 7 Competitor Gets So Mad He Has To Spike Someone Else's Controller

A recent Tekken 7 exhibition ended in carnage as the match’s loser trashed multiple peripherals in a hilariously childish display of anger.


Body Count Fighting is a Southern California-based operation that brings together some of the best fighting game players in the competitive community for slick show matches at the Machinima studios. Last week, competitors Timothy “Tekken Tim” Akins and Averiey “Runitblack” Cobb-Entin were invited to participate in one of the April 7 event’s two Tekken matches, and their confrontation started before they even entered the mock wrestling ring.

“[Tekken Tim] is the epitome of bullshit,” Runitblack said in the inevitable pre-match promo. “He’s retired four times. He’s irrelevant. Beating Tim in Tekken does absolutely nothing for me, this is just to talk shit. Tim: fuck you.”

Tekken Tim responded by calling Runitblack “free like Costco samples” and claiming a win wasn’t going to be an issue. “People don’t realize that I’m part of the legacy skills of Tekken,” he added. “I’ve been around since 1999. I’ve been playing Tekken competitively since I was 13 years old. He’s about to find that out.”

Despite consistent showings at local weekly Wednesday Night Fights, however, Runitblack had a difficult time staving off Tekken Tim’s fundamentals. After going up one round in the first game with hard-hitting series mainstay Jin Kazama, Runitblack watched his slim lead slip away as Tekken Tim connected blow after blow as resident Tekken pugilist Steve Fox.

Over the course of their exhibition, Tekken Tim dominated with long combos off errant strikes and punishes. Runitblack’s control of the battlefield was poor, allowing his opponent to weave across the stage fearlessly and maintain pressure. In the second game, Tekken Tim found himself down two rounds to none, but quickly reversed fortune with a clean 3-0 comeback. Pushed to the wall in the final game, Runitblack failed to run it back, and Tekken Tim closed out the exhibition with a perfect overall record.


Unable to make waves in the main event, Runitblack took his aggression to the real world. After an awkward handshake, he grabbed Tekken Tim’s controller and threw it to the ground. Tim barely reacted, leaving Runitblack to finish his tantrum by tossing his own peripherals into the surrounding setup. As part of a community where instilling frustration in your opponent is just as good as an in-game victory, Tekken Tim was definitely the winner that night. And the best part? The pad Runitblack threw wasn’t even Tim’s. (He was playing with it, but it belonged to someone else.)

“Honestly, my reaction probably would have been the same even if it was my controller,” Tekken Tim said on Facebook. “The only way my reaction would have changed is if he threw it at me.”


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