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As previously posted, Tecmo Koei has delayed not one, but two titles: Both Quantum Theory and Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll. That's not good.


Well, it actually is good for players, because Tecmo Koei is delaying Quantum Theory to "improve quality". It's just not good for Tecmo Koei.


The stock prices for Tecmo Koei Holdings dipped 9.5 percent, and the company slashed its operating profit forecast by 97 percent. Ouch.

This is the latest in a series of bad news for Tecmo Koei. The company recently posted its third quarter total profit earnings, which were ¥1.84 billion (US$20.3 million) in the red. The company took losses on Wii title Sangoku Musou 3.

コーエーテクモが大幅安、Wii向け戦国無双3販売不振などで下方修正 [ニュースアーカイブス(登録代行のファーストブレイン)]

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