[Image: Tecmo Koei]

Why only play Dead or Alive when you can smell it? Tecmo Koei is working hard to make that happen.

Dead or Alive VR already launched earlier this year, and it was pretty much as expected. Now, according to Dengeki Online, Tecmo Koei announced it’s bringing the the bikini spin-off series to its VR Sense platform as Dead Or Alive Xtreme Sense.

As previously reported, VR Sense is Tecmo Koei’s new arcade cabinet system with various sensory functions like hot and cold, wind, mist, and smell.

Dead Or Alive Xtreme Sense will feature mist effects in one sequences in which Kasumi takes a shower. It will also allow player to smell the ladies of DoA. Famitsu describes Kasumi as having a “fragrant” aroma.


In short, Tecmo Koei is adding sniffing to the leering.

No word yet if this VR sensory experience will ever leave Japanese shores.

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