Technically, This Is Not Final Fantasy XIII On The iPad

This is Eternal Legacy, a new iPhone/iPad/iTouch game from Gameloft that could be mistaken for Final Fantasy in a police line-up, if Final Fantasy games committed crimes.

It even has neat special effects, bad haircuts and a story that I already lost interest in. We come to these games for the... flash and brisk fun, right? They've got that here.


Yes, Eternal Legacy comes from Gameloft, a company that is often flattering other game makers with some technically sharp imitations of other games we all like playing. The $7 game feels very much like a Final Fantasy on my iPhone and iPad. On the plus side, that means it looks good. On the maybe-not-plus-side-depending-on-whether-you-liked-The-World-Ends-With-You-as-much-as-I-did, it offers a similarly streamlined strategy-light combat system we've seen in some recent games from the real Final Fantasy people at Square-Enix.

I can't say I haven't been having fun playing this game on my iPhone. But I can't say it's been taxing my brain the way Drop 7 has either.

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