Tearing Open A PS5 Controller To Feast On Its Insides

Illustration for article titled Tearing Open A PS5 Controller To Feast On Its Insides
Screenshot: TronicsFix

Wait, no, it’s just to take a look at how the new DualSense controller works, and how it all came together. Sorry, these teardown videos always get me feeling a little carnivorous.


This great video by TronicsFix opens up the pad, very gently, and pokes around at all the components and pieces, partly so we can all just gawk at some new stuff, but also to assess how easy it’ll be to replace or repair any of these parts if something should go wrong.

The good news: aside from the triggers, which are pretty hard to get to, most other components look fairly easy to mess with, if judged by the relative standards of the kind of person who is confident doing any of this stuff.

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He mentioned DS4 analog stick drift a bunch of times- has that been an issue for people? This is the first I’m hearing of it, and I haven’t had issues with 4 of my DS4 controllers.

The damn joy-cons on the other hand...