Team Rocket's Boss Is Hunted In The First Installment Of Pokémon Generations

Pokémon Generations is a new weekly animated series that aims to flesh out the events from 20 years of Pokémon games. In the first full episode, the international police track mysterious Team Rocket leader Giovanni to the Viridian City gym.

Technically this is the second episode of the new animated series. The first, also released today, is more of timeline of the series.

The animation is quite nice, even though for some reason it was uploaded to the official channel at a maximum resolution of 360p.


Here’s episode two, in which Detective Looker of the International Police makes a startling discovery about one of the series’ earliest villains.

New episodes of Pokémon Generations will be released every week up to December 23. What stories would you like to see get the Generations treatment?

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That part where the cop thought it’d be a good idea to melt the wall, thinking he’d be able to just walk through the dripping lava-like cement.

Pokemon STF confirmed for being dumber than Ash.