Team Ico's PS3 Game Ready 'Soon', but not by Tokyo Game Show

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Sometimes it seems as though Team Ico are taking the 'explain nothing' ambiance of their games a little too much to heart.

When asked if Fumito Ueda's followup to Ico and Shadow of the Colossus would be ready by this year's Tokyo Game Show, Sony Worldwide's Shuhei Yoshida could only say "I cannot tell, but I can say that they've been working very hard since the release of Shadow of the Colossus."

Well, I should flippin' well hope so. But come on, a little detail about the game would be nice. Is it long? Short? Is it 3D? Does it have corners? How does it taste? Anything?

"Soon you'll see," says Yoshida. Gaaah.

All we can say for sure is that it is out of critical production and will be ready 'soon'. Honestly, if they ever hold a proper press event for this thing they will probably make journalists traverse a mysterious landscape populated by mute PR reps to get to it. It will be shrouded in mist, and there will be limited internet access.

Yoshida: Team ICO's PS3 game will be shown "soon" [VideoGaming 24/7]


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Are they 2nd-party? Or just PS3-lovers? Like Square-Enix? Were?