The Team Ico Collection - a high-definition remastering of two of the PS2 generation's finest titles - will be out next year, the developers said earlier today at the Tokyo Game Show.


For European and American consumers, both games will ship on a single disc, as has been seen with the God of War and Sly remakes. As for the Japanese market, Team Ico is keeping mum for the moment.

Both games will be optimised to run at a solid 30 frames-per-second, while both have also benefited from extensive re-texturing to ensure that their high definition debuts on the PlayStation 3 look as nice as possible.

As a treat for American and Japanese gamers, the European version - which had a slightly different ending - will become the "universal" version, released across all three territories.

Those worrying about Ico's awful North American box art, series head Fumito Ueda says he "has some concerns about that", and will "hopefully be addressing that problem".


Both games will also be playable in 3D, should you have the tech.

The Team Ico Collection will be out Spring 2011.

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