Destiny’s most hated gun, used in one of Destiny’s toughest challenges. Sounds like a recipe for disaster, right? Not for this group of expert players.

Watch as a team destroys the competition inside of Trials of Osiris, a hardcore Destiny elimination mode where players are rewarded for the number of wins they accrue. Th3Jez provides a montage, where you can see that the team accomplishes nine wins in a row, mostly with a gun with a terrible firing rate.

Things do get dicey during the run, and the team ends up with two super kills and one melee kill by the end of the challenge...but still! This is impressive; it’s difficult enough to get through Trials of Osiris and unlock the coveted lighthouse, nevermind doing it with an awful gun. But they’re so good, the team makes No Land Beyond seem like a fantastic choice: one well-placed headshot, and bam. Enemy dead.


Good shit, K.J Hovey, Mike Tash, and Th3Jez!