Team Fortress 2 Recreated In Pencil And Paper RPG

Back before there was computer and video gaming, there was table top gaming. You make use of what you have — pencil and paper. That's exactly what one reader did when he couldn't access TF2.

Both were stuck at their grandmother's house all day long, both itching to play Team Fortress 2. But his grandmother's house doesn't have internet or television!


"So, we decided to use our imaginations for once, and along with my brother," explains Steam user [TPG] Wade Wilson, "we decided to kinda go with the flow and create our own Team Fortress 2 RPG- Dungeons and Dragons style."

Wilson acted as dungeon master, and the game they created must have been enjoyable enough to warrant play when they got back home — AKA the land of internet and television.

"We played for around 8 hours when we had to go back home," he adds, "and I decided to stay over my cousins house and actually try to develop a full fledged game."

It's still in beta testing, and they're working out the kinks, but so far, so good says Wilson.


The Team Fortress 2 RPG (Unofficial!) [Official Site]

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