Team Fortress 2 Players Are About To Get A 'Boatload' More Adult Swim Gear

Illustration for article titled emTeam Fortress 2/em Players Are About To Get A Boatload More emAdult Swim/em Gear

More stuff to play dress up with in Team Fortress 2, hooray! This time, it's Adult-Swim related—take a look at the picture above, or head down to the official website to get a 360 view of the models. I think my favorite is the Dr. Roxxo related gear.


No specific dates as to when this hits the store, but apparently it will come with a 'boatload' of new Adult Swim DLC.

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Damn it Adult Swim get some Toonami stuff in there! I want a TOM helmet and a Clyde 20 that follows you around.