Team Fortress 2 Makes A Great Batman Movie Greater

The Dark Knight is one of the great movies of our time. It's not perfect, though. Well, it wasn't. It is now. (Warning: you'll need to turn the sound up).


I never understood how people think this kind of stuff is like amazing and wonderful. From a technical standpoint it is because its a hell of a lot more than I can do on my own.

But really lets face it, in the end shit like this is basically someone saying "Im going to take this popular thing and Im going to mix it up with this other popular thing" and people on the net cheer and call them genius.

Here Ill show you "Lets take characters from the matrix and put them into inception trailers" or "Lets do the kings speech with world of wacraft". Or even "Lets take charlie sheens insane ranting calls and put them over video clips of batman". Thats how fucking much genius it takes right there to slap a couple things that are already popular together.

Its as fucking stupid as people who cheer rockstar for their soundtracks on grand theft auto games when all rockstar did was taking pre exsisting songs, buy the license to use them and stick them in the game. Woopy fucking door.