Team Fortress 2 Gets Updated A LOT

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There's an interesting statistic to be found in a Gamasutra interview with Steam's Jason Holtman, published earlier today. Concerning Team Fortress 2, and just how often Valve feel the need to tinker with and improve the game.


Apparently since the game was released two years ago, there have been 97 updates for the game. 97! That's roughly one a week, and has to be some kind of record. Were there a place/organisation bothering to check for such things, anyways.

Sure, that speaks volumes about the commitment of Valve to the game and the ways Steam allows them to directly service their customers. That's surely why the point was made. But I like it because it shows how insanely passionate (not to mention important) TF2's vocal player base is, that their over-bearing presence has Valve so on their toes that they're updating a game on a weekly basis.

Valve's Holtman: Digital Direct Gives Developers More Pricing Freedom [Gamasutra]


Paradox me

I don't know if that's incredibly impressive, or unbelievably sad for other devs who often times take half the year* to get a patch out that fixes game-breaking bugs,

*Slightly exaggerated.

'Tis a shame I've never been able to get into TF2 though. Just the idea of jumping into a two year old game, having to learn things everyone already knows very well, is not fun whatsoever.