Team Fortress 2 Finally Adds Severed Rabbit Heads

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While I believe that torn-off bunny parts are gifts reserved for more romantic occasions, Valve's just handing out these severed rabbit heads as one of three bonuses for players buying the new Sam and Max game on Steam this week.


Telltale Games has just launched The Penal Zone, the first episode of Sam and Max: The Devil's Playhouse, and Valve wants to make sure as many Team Fortress 2 players as possible pick up a copy of the game on Steam. See, the Team Fortress 2 team are big fans of Telltale, mainly because they're scared of them.

It turns out that not only do we play other games—other game developers play ours. Last year Telltale Games' TF2 Team went head to head with us in the TF2 Studio Rumble tournament, in the process dominating our own Adrian Finol so hard that he made up an excuse about "picking up my kids somewhere" and went and sat in his car for an hour. After the match, we all agreed that one of these days we should do something cool together, because they're big fans of TF2, and we're big fans of getting advance copies of Sam & Max episodes.

So in abject fear and celebration of Telltale's latest release, Valve is giving away three Sam and Max items to Team Fortress 2 players who snag the new Sam and Max during its first week of release.

Items include Max's Severed Head, Max's Pistol, and Sam's Revolver. You want official descriptions? You probably want a dog that sucks less as well.

Max's Severed Head

* It's not often you're given the gift of a beloved character's decapitated head by the very studio responsible for that character. Still, we're not complaining. It's soft, it wicks away moisture in the heat of battle, it highlights our eyes. It's got us thinking about all the other game characters we could be wearing around as clothes.

Max's Pistol

* Who wouldn't want to squeeze off a couple rounds with the murder weapon of choice of a sociopathic cartoon rabbit? Probably quite a lot of people, when you get right down to it. Luckily, those people are all well-adjusted contributors to society with no police records, spotless credit ratings and few unresolvable moral failings. They also probably have no interest in playing TF2, so that means more murder-rabbit gun shooting for the rest of us.

Sam's Revolver

* This might look like an ordinary revolver, until you realize that it helps a talking dog solve crimes. How many crimes has YOUR dog solved lately? And let's face it, his revolver kind of sucks too. Man, we want to talk about this gun more, but we can't get over how much your dog sucks.

The guns are nice enough, I suppose, but I can only imagine how amazing my Team Fortress 2 performance would be with Max's severed head sitting on top of mine.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Steam and retrieve your severed head!

It is a good day to be giant man [Team Fortress 2 Blog - Thanks smellton1234!]



I have a really embarrassing admission to make.

I purchased TF2 on Steam, and I sometimes wonder if I'm missing all of these updates everyone keeps talking about.

I do not play the game regularly, but I play often enough that I think I'd notice if something in the game had changed. Such as it is, the only thing I've EVER seen pop up in a game are the halos that were distributed earlier (I have one, which invariably leads other players to question my sexual preference, as if that's somehow an insult). Are these updates automatically applied to my copy of TF2, or should I be pulling them from a specific location?

Please, as you're preparing to roast me, bear in mind that I am primarily a console gamer. The PC is attractive to me, but the hardware upgrades are too expensive to keep up with for my budget, so I know very little about it.