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The third and, unfortunately, final day of updates to Team Fortress 2's "classless update" is out there. No hidden last minute update for this one folks, as the game has already been updated with the latest batch of changes.


That includes a long, long list of updates, including the new addition of two "new" maps—Sawmill, a tweaked capture the flag variant, and Yukon, a capture point style community made map. Some of the gameplay changes include new changes to TF2's pistols, plus revamps of the Scout's Force-A-Nature and the Sandman. Get your gripin' shoes on!

Of course, the previous "classless" updates still apply, including the addition of the new King of the Hill gameplay mode, lots of new hats and even more officially sanctioned maps in which to wear those hats.


Like I said, the final change list is long. Head over to the official Team Fortress web site to take a gander while your Steam update loads.

Classless Update - Day 3 [Team Fortress]

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