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On May 12, a 54 year-old junior high school teacher spent the evening at anime shop, Animate, in Osaka's geek district, Den Den Town.


The teacher, Manabu Wakita, was a regular, but he wasn't looking for DVDs or anime goods. He supposedly had something else in mind: trying to snap photos up a woman's skirt.

When Animate staff noticed something was up and called out to him, the teacher apparently tried to get rid of the evidence—by chewing it up.


Wakita apparently put a tiny camera up a 20-something year-old female's skirt. She was shopping at Animate at the time.

After being called out, Wakita put the camera's SD card in his mouth, and, according to shop staff, it made a "crunching" noise. According to some reports, the man didn't just chew up the SD card, he ingested it.

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Wakita admits that he was following the woman, but added that he "absolutely did not take peeping pictures."

If the suspect did eat this SD Card and did take these illicit photos, the proof will be in the poop, rather pudding—ah, forget it.


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