Tatsunoko vs Capcom: A New Challenger!

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Capcom unveiled a brand new character for their Wii 2D fighter Tatsunoko vs Capcom yesterday. Sadly, that character is somebody only 2% of you will have ever heard of.


It's Ai-chan from Yatterman, otherwise known as Yatterman 2, who joins her partner Yatterman in the game to fight some crime and, where no crime is being committed, kick some ass.

For anyone under the age of 35, Yatterman is an old animation series from Japan that ran in the late 70's, though some of you may also be familiar with the more recent remake.

Watch the clip below (get to around 8:30) and you'll see she enjoys throwing things. Lots of things.

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While I have no doubt this'll be a fun game to play as far as fighting games go, I'm still quite surprised it got the greenlight for North America.

Marvel vs. Capcom makes sense, because even for people who aren't huge video game dorks, they think "Wait, I can use the hot chick from Street Fighter to beat up the Incredible Hulk? Sold!"

Though as much as Capcom is a pretty big name in games, their franchises aren't quite as well known as the Nintendo IPs that show up in a Smash Bros. game.

Unless you're a CEO of Capcom, you probably have no idea who half the Capcom characters are in a Vs. Capcom game, because you've only ever seen them before in other Vs. Capcom games. For Christs-sake, they haven't made a new Darkstalkers game in the last decade, and it was never well known in the West, but somehow Morrigan still manages to show up fucking everywhere.

It would be like if Smash Bros. only had Mario and Link, and the rest of the character were all of Ice Climbers/Mr. Game & Watch-levels of obscurity.

That being said, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom is an even harder sell to the West. It has all the obscurity of the Capcom cast, plus even more obscurity on the part of Tatsunoko.

Sure, Tatsunoko has their place in anime history, and a few anime they made in the 70s were dubbed and are sorta known in the West. Though the only way you might get a sale from the guys who actually watched Tatsunoko stuff back in the day is if they see some box art and notice Ken the Eagle, because Gatchaman is just about the only Tatsunoko franchise in the game that anyone is likely to recognize (though honourable mention goes to Casshern and Tekkaman/Tekkaman Blade).

I say "the only way you might get a sale" is because they sure as hell wouldn't have remembered the name "Tatsunoko Production" back when they were watching "Battle of the Planets" as a kid. You'll be lucky if they even realized it was an anime.

I guess contemporary anime fans in the West might know some of the Tatsunoko properties involved, but they'd have to be pretty hardcore. Like, to the point that they're old school enough to appreciate anime that is more than a decade old, because last I checked, Tatsunoko hasn't made anything that is particularly high profile in quite some time. Certainly nothing as ubiquitous as Dragonball, Evangelion, Naruto, Bleach, etc.

So I'm just really curious who the market is for this game in the West. Unless it's just enough for gamers that "I've played other [blank] vs. Capcom games, and this one is probably just as crazy and spectacular as the others."