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Target Confirms New PlayStation 3 Greatest Hits Bundle

Illustration for article titled Target Confirms New PlayStation 3 Greatest Hits Bundle

Kotaku has confirmed with several Target locations that a new 80GB PlayStation 3 Greatest Hits bundle will be available on March 29th, with Motorstorm and Resistance thrown in for free.


Target stores across the country are currently receiving, sitting on, or awaiting stock of a new 80GB PlayStation 3 Greatest Hits Bundle, which comes complete with the reissued budget versions of the original Motorstorm and Resistance. The sku number in question is 207-23-0009, originally revealed over at Joystiq. Several stores we contacted actually had the units in stock, but when they attempted to actually ring them through the register they received a warning that the product could not be sold until March 29th, days over the close of next week's Game Developers Conference.

Perhaps dashing the hopes of a pre-GDC price cut, the new bundles were priced the same as the standard 80GB PlayStation 3 - $399.99. Of course it's technically $60 due to the inclusion of two $30 titles, but do you really need those when two superior sequels are already on store shelves?

Image courtesy of Joystiq

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So - Microsoft can't seem to get their hardware issues resolved, and Sony still can't make it affordable.

Looks like I'll be sticking with the PC for a few more years at least.