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Talk Amongst Yourselves

Illustration for article titled Talk Amongst Yourselves

Welcome, wanderers, to Kotaku's official forum, known affectionately as Talk Amongst Yourselves. This is the place where we gather on a daily basis to discuss all things video game and existential. Want to talk about new games, old games, game where you solve mysteries? Knock yourselves out!


This TAYpic by Mr. Marsu gets straight-up creepy, turning one of the diners from John Everett Millais' "Isabella" painting into a giant boss monster. He still looks polite. "Would you like some oranges, perchance?"

You can do funny things with pictures, right? Want everyone on this fine web forum to see? Here's what you do. Post your masterpieces in the #TAYpics thread. Don't forget to keep your image in a 16x9 ratio if you want a slice of Talk Amongst Yourselves glory. Grab the base image here. The best ones will be featured in future installments of Talk Amongst Yourselves. Get cracking!

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Lets talk about your first Rpg

Mine was Pokemon. Going back it hasnt aged that well, but still has a nice nostalgia to it. That and lots of glitches