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It's a cartoony cosmic take on Vasily Perov's painting in TAYpic, as the work of Snufkin mashes up "The Hunters at Rest" with Angry Birds Space. I guess the tiular birds of Rovio's hit franchise are kinda like hunters after all, stalking their piggy prey back to their lairs. And, hey, that cigarette smoke inside the helmet? Classy touch, Snufkin.


You want to go to space, don't you? Or at least the top of this page, right? If you want Snifkin-style glory, here's what you do. Post your masterpieces in the #TAYpics thread. Don't forget to keep your image in a 16x9 ratio if you want a slice of Talk Amongst Yourselves glory. Grab the base image here. The best ones will be featured in future installments of Talk Amongst Yourselves. Get cracking!

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