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Good day Kotaku! Are you managing to hang in there amidst anticipation for Skyrim? I can barely contain my excitement, personally, and the release is less than a day away!


If you're not interested in Skyrim, of course, there are plenty of huge games out there still. Tell us below what you are still planning to purchase and talk amongst yourselves!

I would like to again thank Pan1da7 for today's TAYpic! The release of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker in HD may be getting lost in the shuffle of the big games, but this drags it into the limelight!


Take a crack at being featured atop TAY some time this month simply by making a hilarious Photoshop or some other manipulation of the month's image. Pull a clean version from this thread. Make sure your image is 16x9 and funny. That will improve the odds of your image getting picked. Submit the image to the #TAYpics thread. Good luck!

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So here's what I got. It's not perfect, but I'm not too disappointed with it. The blur wasn't working out at all how I wanted, so she just has a sudden change to a whale tail, Little Mermaid-style (sorta).

EDIT: Huh... Seems like it didn't save the shading on the sand. Sorry guys - there is some. Seems like I didn't save it though. Ah well.