Talk Amongst Yourselves

There are so many terrifying things about this TAYpic, with Halloween only a week away it all seems perfectly fitting. Between that awesome leather purple jacket and the crushed ribcage, that dude is going to show up in my nightmares.

Anybody else ever get majorly creeped out by a TAYpic? A certain photoshopping leaving them confused and feeling awkward for the rest of the day? While I try to scrub my brain clean....Talk Amongst Yourselves


Once again I would like to thank Pan1da7 for today's TAYpic! Will anyone step up and challenge this TAY photo-editing hero? Try it with the instructions below!

Take a crack at being featured atop TAY some time this month simply by making a hilarious Photoshop or some other manipulation of the month's image. Pull a clean version from this thread. Make sure your image is 16x9 and funny. That will improve the odds of your image getting picked. Submit the image to the #TAYpics thread.

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