Hello Kotaku readership! I was enjoying some competitive FIFA 12 last night, and it got me thinking. Do you prefer multiplayer, or single player? What about co-op multiplayer as opposed to competitive?

I'm torn, personally. I love competing, but it's satisfying to complete something with a friend or stranger while working together. Single player, though, is possibly my favorite, because there's nothing like getting immersed in your own world.


Tell us how you feel below, and discuss anything else, while you talk amongst yourselves!

Today's great TAYpic is brought to you by none other than TAY hero Pan1da7. Great game, great picture! Keep the entries coming, folks.

Take a crack at being featured atop TAY some time this month simply by making a hilarious Photoshop or some other manipulation of the month's image. Pull a clean version from this thread. Make sure your image is 16x9 and funny. That will improve the odds of your image getting picked. Submit the image to the #TAYpics thread.

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