We're running a little low on TAYpics, again! If you've got a great idea, or a good idea, or even a kind of sort of maybe good idea, send it in!

Today is a great day to talk about video games. What did you do during the hurricane? Get some long needed video gaming in? Whatever it was, let's talk about video games now!


Thanks to GeshGav for today's TAYpic. Hopefully our pick for next month's TAYpic will inspire more of you to edit up a storm. If not, Brian will not be happy, and you do not want to disappoint the Crecente.

That's right. Next months TAYpic is a screencap our very own Brian Crecente from our editors' stint on GTTV.

"Judgement Day" is going to be our official September image. Photoshop video game ideas on top of this image and then submit the new image to the top of this forum. (Not in this thread, but at [kotaku.com/TAYpic]) Please use the version of the image from this story, open it up in a new tab, and 'shop away! Don't forget to make it 640x360 in size before submitting.


Good luck, folks, and don't forget we've still got a tiny bit of time with "The Jester"!

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