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TAY is a lot like a circus. It's full of animals, an audience of readers and of course the clowns. But this circus isn't like most others - not here! Here, the clowns are in charge. Therefore it seems only fitting that Cesare Auguste Detti's "The Court Jester" be selected for this month's TAYpic.


I leave it in your capable hands clowns, take this classic painting and give it a video game twist! Every day we'll pick our favorite submission and use them to top another TAY post with YOUR creation! A special thanks goes out to kaploy9 for this month's image.

Submit your images to #TAYpics, and please keep submitting until you're out of good ideas, at which time, we recommend you keep submitting anyways. If you still need more instruction, check out this thread for details on how you can be a TAY superstar.

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Two things.

1) I'm thinking about building my first computer.... I really need help. Starting with some sort of "map" for lack of a better word.

2) I haven't finished FF7 yet (getting and beating Sephy is a huge timesink) and then there's my copy of Alundra.... but I want to pick up some games too. So many games for a 20 dollar card... (Just PSP due to saving up for a 3DS while mine is broken)


Beyond Good and Evil (for my PS3)

Parasite Eve

Metal Gear Solid

Street Fighter (Alpha 1 or 2. I just found out Alpha was a side series but main isn't there)

Tekken (1 or 2)

Final Fantasy 8. (Which I will play eventually. And 9 too. so it's more of a matter of "When" not "if". I want to create my own opinions on all of the FF games)

So.... help?