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Hear ye, hear ye! The time of day has come to officially commence the official Kotaku forum. Talk, subjects, talk!


Let's thank UsernameOfTheDead for their "yeah, it does kinda look like a Dreamcast" TAYpic. Don't we all wish we could relive the Dreamcast? If you'd also like to play Frankenstein in Photoshop, kindly drop your (hopefully not too monstrous) creation here: #TAYpics.

(Read this thread for directions on how to do a TAYpic.)



I was reading a review on Alice: Madness Returns, it was the most hyprocilal review I have ever read.

The reviewer was mentioning how the levels of the game are highly versatile and wildly imaginative yet then makes the remark on how the levels lack variety.

The biggest problem seems to be regarding the animations, he regarded them as "too cartoony" like that was supposed to be a bad thing. But the crappy animations, such as knifing, didn't get a mention in his Black Ops review.

This is where reviews are bias, games that are the same shit over and over get a pass but games that look and try to be different get a lower review? Come on. If you can pass a muddy brown looking game as "beautiful", you can't do the same on a game that is obviously based on the vivid imagination of an artist? One that has beautiful vibrant colors all around?

Though I suppose the same is to be expected as the first Alice game was treated the same as well...

I am just tired of this industry to be completely harsh on other genres while giving the A-OK to FPS. If you are going to review a game harshly, fine, but don't concentrate that hatred into anything but a Shooter.