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Welcome, welcome! This is Kotaku's designated forum. Kick up your legs, pour yourself a drink and stay a while. Oh, but take care not spill on the sofa—it's new.

We have user Incursor to thank for our first 'shop of the month—and it's rather outstanding. Think you can top it? If you'd like to submit your own TAYpic, do so here: #TAYpics.

(Read this thread for directions on how to do a TAYpic.)

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My Solution to those worried about the PSN fiasco? replay MGS4 (or just play if you haven't gotten around to it yet).

As with all MGS games, you'll be too damn confused to care about anything else.

That being said, starting act 4 with only 1 alert, Booya motherfuckers (yes i'm very proud that after 4 games i've finally mastered the art of being one sneaky bastard, and yes i know people do No Alert runs all the time). Too bad i'm pretty sure it's all going downhill from here.

In other news: first Final Exam today, Subject? Anatomy and Comparative Biology of Vertebrates...yay /sarcasm