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Lets talk about the future of digital distribution, pricing, and triple A games versus smaller games.

Will the death of the boxed product mean the end of fixed prices a la the $60 game? Or will it swing around the other way? Will smaller XBLA/PSN style games that currently cost less be sold for more in the future?

Currently most games on XBLA or PSN are smaller, niche and cheaper than triple-A titles sold in brick and mortar stores but as it becomes the norm to buy triple-A titles via digital distribution (and if we assume that triple-A titles remain more expensive than smaller games) and the public gets more in the habit of paying say $60 for digitally distributed games won't game companies see this as opportunity to increase the price of smaller games?

Also will digital distribution change our perception of what is considered a triple-A game and what's considered niche? Won't digital distribution make the entire game market niche like the online sale of music has done for that industry?