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Your official Kotaku forum lives on, ready to host your comments about video games.


Perhaps, dear Talk Amongst Yourselves readers, you've noticed the redesign. We'll be moving more and more redesign discussion to #redesign, where I'm trying to keep people updated. (One of the problems, sadly, is that Reply Notifications and comment-expansion preferences are both off-line now, but they will be coming back this week or next.)

As regular forum readers know, we host a reader-made image for TAY every day. The good news is that, today, we've gotreader Wirtsarm's fine image. The less good news is that image uploading is currently not supported. It too will be back, I'm told. But, for now, if you'd like to submit a TAY image, go to #TAYpics and share a link. That'll only work if you have the image hosted somewhere.


Thank you for your patience as we work some significant kinks out of the new layout. You should see improvements in the coming days and the site should get closer to delivering the experience we intended it to — fast loading, more beautiful, still rich with content gamers will care about. If you need to pull an emergency switch while we patch, you can read Kotaku in a more blog-style view.

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My thoughts on the Kotaku redesign. Classic view is almost as good as the old thing, BUT these are a few changes that could make it better:

-Where is the notification system? I don't want my inbox clogged up, and I also don't want to scroll through pages of comments

-Does the entire news article have to load when I click on an individual comment? It takes about 7 seconds for the article to load, then 5 more just to view an individual comment.

-Is there no way to automatically expand all replies? That's a pain in the butt to do.

-Is there no more promoting comments? I'm not a starred commenter, but I've seen complaints from those that are that promoting comments is all messed up.

-Add a scrollbar to the list of articles on the right. Currently it's pretty tough to scroll through the articles on a laptop trackpad.

-Add some color to the design. This cream colored white is so boring. Make it classic Kotaku yellow to be able to distinguish between sights.

Those are all my complaints/suggestions. They are all fairly minor but if they were implemented it would make this new Kotaku so much more enjoyable.