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Inadvertently creepy TAY is creepy.

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Nightshift Nurse

Looking for some honest answers here:

I'm thinking of picking up Black Ops for the PlayStation 3.

Every so often I get the urge to play a "blockbuster" game (just like how on occasion I want to see every film in the multiplex) and Black Ops is more appealing to me than any previous entry in the series (dig the time period, etc.). I was originally going to go with Medal of Honor on account of the beards (seriously) and because I very much enjoyed the original PSX outings. But...well...we all know how that one turned out.

I have no intention of playing multiplayer and will be in it exclusively for the campaign (and for the wonderful, pointless excess of playing Zork on a projector).

My question is this: how plagued by frame rate issues is the single player?

Are most or all of the serious issues/bugs limited to multiplayer?

Thanks in advance!