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Joust! Love that game, loved it even more when my brother handed me a bootleg copy on a beat-up cassette tape for the TRS-80.


You don't have to reminisce about gaming here, but you can. Thanks to Arctic_Visionary for his send up of one of my favorite games. Submit your own wonderful images to #TAYpics.

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DING! Found my first real concern with Golden Sun!

It's the puzzle aspect — i.e. having to solve little (or big) environmental puzzles to get through places (push a block onto this spot, do this, move that, etc.).

Now, i haven't gotten tired of the concept yet — it's still fun and the puzzles are relatively original. But i'm wondering if this aspect of the game won't wear on me a bit as things progress. Maybe at some point i'd like to get through a dungeon on enemy encounters alone, you know?

As i said, for now it's still fresh and i think it's a great idea when it comes to unlocking secret stuff or bonus items.

PLUS, presently i'm at an *awesome* grind spot. I'm well aware of the dangers of overgrinding, but this is just too good to pass up — it's paying like mad!