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Talk Amongst Yourselves has got itself a dose of Mass Effect 3 today. Amazing. Admire it and then please chat here about video games.


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So I finally did it. I joined the Dark Side, and purchased my first PS3. I've owned a 360 ever since launch, but I didn't want to pick up a PS3 until the price for a used one came down to my liking. This weekend was an employee appreciation weekend at the retailer I work for, so I picked up a refurbished 60g BC unit for a fairly decent price.

I would have gone with a slim, but I really wanted to trade in the PS2 (I have limited real-estate around my tv, you see), and that was the only one we had. I was able to get a free year-long warranty, so if anything happens (I hear that particular model can have problems) I should be covered.

I also picked up God of War III, Uncharted and Uncharted 2.

I'm just glad to own both these consoles. The 360 will continue to be my main system, but now I should no longer be missing out on any exclusives I've been eyeing.

Merry Christmas to me!