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It's time to talk more about video games and to wonder where all the TAYpics have gone.


With a week of October to go, the #TAYpics supply is running low. Reader MrMrScott gets us out of a jam today, but Kotaku needs you, dear readers, to submit your best images for Talk Amongst Yourselves to fill out the week. We change art after the weekend, so you only have a few final tries with the skeletons here. Go to #TAYpics to get the job done.

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So my X-Box of nearly 4 years has bitten the dust. Her name was Autobox (Because at the time it was ALL about Transformers with me) and she was the oldest of the 360 generation and I always played with the wired controller (I have a friend who didn't even know those EXISTED for the 360). I'm kinda sad actually, this thing has swapped homes half a dozen times, traveled countries, seen me through the beginning and the end of two relationships and most importantly revived the gamer in me that was lying so doormat before then.

It's silly to form attachments to things really but there you go...

Godnight Dear Autobox