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You know how reading a book might give you +1 Intelligence? Contributing to Talk Amongst Yourselves is sort of like that. Just write your thoughts here about video games.

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Here's something I've been thinking about...I doubt I'm the only one.

I like shooter gamer now and then. But what I'd like to see more in them would be more authentic reloading gameplay.

In real life, reloading a pistol (ejecting the clip, taking out another, inserting, cocking and readying) isn't as easy as pressing a button on your gamepad. It's an often complex procedure that needs to be planned ahead and trained.

In real life, you reload only when you absolutely have to, because it takes time, it can't be just cancelled and it takes attention. I'm a little sick of tactically reloading after 2 or 3 bullets spent, it's retarded.

I'd like to see a more complex control scheme for reloading weapons in shooters, more than just pressing a button. And I do think mastering gameplay uncluding reloading would be rewarding, and would add more tactical thinking in your average FPS or other shooter.

What do you think? Am I wrong?