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I posted this under the Lufia 2 trailer, but I'd like to spark a discussion here :

Alright, developers, this is an official request : Please stop butchering my beloved 2D memories with 3D DS remakes, and stop thinking real-time action is better than turn-based.

3D looks PS1-ish at best on DS, why do they keep insisting on doing it instead of concentrating on great 2D ? I mean, if it wasn't for 2D, great series like Castlevania would've died back in the N64 era.

In my humble opinion, there hasn't been a single better DS port than the Dragon Quest ones. 2D sprites in beautiful 3D environments, old-school turn-based battles, just the way we remember it, but better.

So, people, what do you think ?

Drop sprites and 2D in favor of 3D on DS ?