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Too much hardware talk for you this week? Fight back. Talk about games — the things you play — right here. Go!


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To everyonhe offering advice for my broken pc last TAY, thank you, the repair guys found it was a bios error (like i suspected along with a faulty motherboard). i went in to the bios to check it out...probably skirted around the actual problem a few times without knowing (i was looking for accidental cpu overclock, heard that could have been the issue).

Sucks i have to pay 70 bucks for what seems like a simple fix, but i'm going to ask the dude what they did, in case it happens again down the line (probably won't actually be that simple)

either way i'll have my baby back for the witcher and, when it comes in, Diablo 2 (always heard of it, never played it, figured i better in light of diablo 3).