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Tough bosses are indeed an aggravation (no, Crecente, I don't mean you!). Vent about other video game annoyances or whatever else gaming-related you want to comment about. Now.


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Bunedoggle/Tawker offish statement on wonky-ness:

"Hi all,

As you may have noticed, Tawker has experienced some hiccups the past few weeks. I appologize for the outages. There were four little problems in a row that caused a number of days without replies.

Problem #1 - Gawker drove a stake through the heart of Not that I'm complaining, but it tripped up the script that fetches the comments. I no longer support, sorry to all 6 people signed up for that site.

Problem #2 - Currupted database. I'm not sure how it happened. I'm not really a database guy, I just play one on TV. It was simple to fix, once I figured out what was broken.

Problem #3 - Database size. The comment database is getting quite large. Some of the database queries were returning too many results, which I guess mysql doesn't like. Live and learn.

Problem #4 - Email server. This may STILL be an issue, I'm not sure. I started using Google as a backup email server in addition to I think when [] fails, google rejects the emails.

A few people tried to email me when things were not working. Apparently my address (brian@bunedoggle) was bouncing I guess (see #4).

Feel free to email me at bunedoggle@gmail . com if you have questions.

To see some cool stats and check if Tawker is running you can go to: []

I will continue supporting Tawker the best I can. Over the summer I'll be away on vacation and stuff so please bear with me.

Thanks for your patience,

Brian Bailey"

Then again, if you have it, you probably got that e-mail too.