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Talk Amongst Yourselves

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A fraction of your Kotaku team is under the weather today and has spread his germs to our favorite yellow-hatted bunch. Drink plenty of fluids, and please comment about video games here.


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Norton AntiVirus:

More of a virus than the viruses it supposedly protects you from?

It comes on pretty much every computer these days, eats up all of your resources, then runs out of subscription and spawns a legion of popups threatening, "Buy me, or the computer gets it!" Hell, it does that even before the subscription is up. And uninstalling it... can you even uninstall it? I've never figured out how to get it off a computer. You can't even turn it all the way off. It's just. Always there. In your task bar. Sucking the life from your computer.

How can I get rid of this thing? It's like getting the devil off your back after being told your parents sold your soul at birth. And is there an anti-virus program out there that does not scream 'I AM THE WOLF!!'

Because that, folks, would be nice.