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So yesterday I purchased the PS3 Bioshock 2 for $16. But I didn't buy it for the game - I already own it for my 360. Rather, I bought it for the wonderful collector's edition stuff, which had remained completely sealed in the box when traded in at GS. The album, the cd, the book and what I'm guessing at the posters - all seals and/or in it's correct place.

I can trade in the actual game, and get about $6 back for it, making the purchase more like $10. It was an easy bargain.

Something similar has happened to me twice before - I bought both Splinter Cell Convictions and Halo Wars new, only to get the collector's editions later, used. It doesn't happen enough to be reliable, but I'm often surprised by how many people do trade in used collector's editions *with* all or most of the stuff. Now that I think of it, it happened with the original Gears of War, as well.

So my question is: What's your favorite piece of collector's edition merc? While the aforementioned Brioshock 2 stuff is really sweet, my favorite has to be a cross between the Halo Reach mountain + characters statue, and the Ezio Auditore statue from AC2. I'm sort of a statue fanatic, and I love a good realistic-looking model that isn't $399.99.