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Don't let the political atmosphere mislead you: this is still a forum dedicated to game discussion. So let's not get too far off topic, kay?

That said, user buckyboy2009's handy-work was just too irresistible to pass up. Feeling inspired? Give it a try here:#TAYpics.

(Read this thread for directions on how to do a TAYpic.)

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Okay, I'm a geek. I spend my money on games, I listen to Video Game Music to study, and I'm just as likely to reference Final Fantasy as Chuck.

It ticked me off that one of my roommates retweeted "Those that play video games need to get a life". And, yes, she knows I"m a gamer.

So, how do you deal with things like this? Is there anyone not entirely on board with the Gamer lifestyle in your family/friends/etc?

(I should put in here my family has been a blessing. I'm slowly converting them over the fact that VGM is okay to listen too and they humor me when I ramble and geek out)