Dressing like a Pok√©mon trainer is only part of a good costume. You also gotta get your Pok√©mon pals right‚ÄĒand this group of cosplayers nails it.

Check out these pictures of 4 Itchy Tasty Cosplay head Brett Horn at this year's Anime Expo. He created a bunch of to-scale Pokemon puppets, modeled above by a few friends (including Michelle D'Antonio). They're fully functional, and can be moved such that they mimic the actual 'mon they're based on. Neat!

You can briefly catch a glimpse of these marionettes in action in this video by PWNED CAST:

Otherwise, you'll have to settle for still shots:




You can check out more of 4 itchy Tasty! Cosplay's work here.

(Thanks, Matthew!)

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