Taking Pictures, Watching Movies, Typing and Playing Games on Windows Phone 7

This morning Steve Ballmer filled a New York "meeting space" to capacity to unveil the specifics on the November launch of Windows Phone 7.

Here's a quick rundown of what you can expect from what appears to be the only mobile phone that will support Xbox Live.

This is how Microsoft put it today:

"Windows phone will be the only phone that gives you access to games that work with Xbox Live."


What does that mean exactly? We're checking, but it sounds like Microsoft may be now saying Live is only for their fancy new phone, and most certainly not for the iPhone. If that's true maybe Microsoft should rename Live Anywhere Live Not Really Anywhere But On Our Phones.

Here's a run down of the phone's features including how you type on it, the start up, taking pictures, watching streaming TV and of course playing games.

Windows Phone 7 Start Up

Taking Pictures With Windows Phone 7

Typing with Windows Phone 7

The Windows Phone 7 Photo Hub

The Windows Phone 7 Music and Video Hub

Uverse on Windows Phone 7

And finally

Windows Phone 7 Gaming

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