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The best two weeks of my life were a roadtrip. Couple of summers ago - the first week was a charity event where we competed with about 50 other cars across Europe to reach Bratislava in Slovakia, with challenges along the way (think The Amazing Race). It was a good laugh, nearly died a handful of times, managed to serenade an exceptionally beautiful Italian woman on a Venician bridge for no apparent reason and got pulled over about 50 times (our car was hardly non-descript given we painted it in chalkboard paint and let everybody have a go scribbling on it).
The second week was something special though. We decided to take an extra week and just...drive through Europe, wherever we wanted to go. Amsterdam, Prague, Berlin, Lake Bled (beautiful), Trieste, Zurich. We hit something like 13 countries in 14 days... but none of it really mattered - there's few experiences in life that compare to being crammed into a tiny Volvo with three of your best mates for two weeks.