Take The Time To Smell The Toxic Roses In Biomutant

Get curious and set out for adventure Biomutant’s decent-sized map chock full of a prolific discoveries and big choices.

Biomutant is an open-world RPG where you play as an anthropomorphic mutant mammal determining the outcome of life on a post-apocalyptic earth. The game leaves it up to you to shape your experience and the overall growth of your character, pursuing side quests and changing your aura through choices and battles. I’ve put in close to 40 hours, accomplishing numerous side missions and meeting just about every villager in town, and the game tells me I’m only 3% through the story, which shows just how much there is to do.


Check out the video above to see Biomutant in action and hear my thoughts. You can also check out our review.

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Mister Spintwister

So, I played about 4-5 hours between yesterday and 4am this morning (my dog decided he wanted to be pet and woke me up).

It’s a fine game, however, it plays like your first day driving. Quick, adrenalin fueled action followed by abrupt breaking with an hours long explanation of what you just accomplished. Honestly, whoever thought a Rowan Atkinson impersonator narrating your every step—in theory sounds divine, in practice, hell no—would be a boon to a game’s natural flow should turn in whatever drugs they were smoking when they thought up this crazy idea.

So much of the fun is ripped away by a grasshopper who has watched The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy one too many times. I turned the narrator setting to 0, which helped, but didn’t alleviate the problem.

At one point I WoW’d through the conversation (x, x, x, x, shit, I should have read that, x, x, x, x, x) and found myself stuck on a wall near an objective I couldn’t get to. Rowan was kind enough to tell me it was right there for the taking, of course. I died falling into monochrome goo and had to load a save point.

I figure there will be a point where you grow numb to your universal translating grasshopper (which I don’t get, does my character not speak/understand what I would assume is it’s native language?) and accept that this game will have 0 immersion factors because of it and enjoy the moments where you’re out having a stabbing/shooting good time, no matter how far and few they seem between Rowan’s Guide to the Biomutant. There’s something there, but I haven’t found out what it is.

P.S. The shrooms are fun. Get them.